Estate Planning

Intelligent estate planning is an essential aspect of sound long-term financial planning. Putting the right estate plan in place can offer peace of mind while protecting your loved ones.

Because his fundamental approach to estate planning is keeping it simple and cost effective for his clients, during an initial meeting with attorney John Bordelon he will explain what a will does and doesn't do and why. He'll also alert you to how the probate process and administration of a deceased person's estate is first about creditors' claims and only secondly about one's heirs and loved ones receiving a share. Then he'll provide examples of the many other ways your assets could transfer on death to your loved ones besides through a will. Finally, he'll review why under Florida law a person's homestead is usually the most significant legal issue to consider in any estate plan.

Besides also discussing the pros and cons of using trusts in an estate plan during the initial meeting, Mr. Bordelon will go over many of the 'what ifs' besides dying that often cause a person and family members significant stress and expensive legal turmoil. Helping clients become mindful of these 'what ifs' and some of the cost-effective and legally straightforward ways they may be planned for is an important goal of the initial meeting.

You can protect your assets and provide for your family or favorite causes through forward-thinking, comprehensive planning. You can keep most or all of your estate out of probate, greatly simplifying the process of settling your estate.

Protect Assets -- Avoid Probate — Plan For 'What Ifs'

Estate planning tools that are essential or useful for most people include:

  • A simple or complex will; perhaps designating guardians for your minor children
  • A revocable trust, a special needs trust and/or a Medicaid eligibility trust
  • Powers of attorney designating authority to a trusted family member, close friend, colleague, financial institution or legal professional to manage your personal and financial affairs in the event that you are incapacitated while still living
  • An advance health care directive and medical surrogate designation

By discussing and preparing a will or an appropriate trust, you may discover and affirm priorities and preferences that will affect your ability to protect assets now and on your family's behalf in the future. You can prevent delays, conflicts and unnecessary expense by preparing a "living will" or health care directive stating your wishes before a medical crisis leaves you unable to make your own decisions about prolonged and futile medical treatments or life support.

At Bordelon Law Firm P.L., Florida residents find personalized estate planning strategies rather than cookie-cutter products. As an experienced attorney practicing in a variety of legal areas, John S. Bordelon advises and assists people in this area of the law with an individualized approach. For some clients, legal determination of their state of residency will have a great impact on estate matters. This is an example of the power of advanced planning.

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