Post Death Guidance And Services Throughout Florida

The death of a family member or loved one does not have to be the end of the estate planning process. It is a sad but pivotal moment in a family's emotional and financial well being. Well-thought-out post death estate planning is a sound investment that, in most cases, pays for itself many times over. Careful determination of assets capable of being transferred outside of probate while maintaining their access and marketability is a key issue, as are the income tax consequences of financial strategies implemented after a death in the family.

Assisting Families Through Times Of Transition

It is one thing to put a solid estate plan in place. It is another thing altogether to manage the postmortem estate administration process. Details and requirements quickly overwhelm most people without the help of a probate law attorney. Skillful legal advocacy is invaluable for personal representatives (executors) and families of the recently deceased.

Bordelon Law Firm P.L. in Gulf Breeze, Florida, offers reassurance and guidance for families in the Pensacola area. The firm provides assistance to Florida residents as well as out-of-state family members of Florida residents who had established domicile in this state before death or who may have owned probatable assets in Florida at the time of their deaths.

Specific services include:

  • Formal or summary administration of an estate through probate
  • Review of trusts and representing successor trustees
  • Petition to determine constitutional homestead
  • Notice of revocable trust
  • Deposit of a will
  • Preparation of Affidavit of Continuous Marriage
  • Preparation and filing of a Caveat

Meet The Challenge Of Handling A Loved One's Estate Or Trust With The Help Of An Experienced, Established Florida Probate And Trust Law Attorney

In 45 years of practice as a probate and trust lawyer in Louisiana and Florida, John S. Bordelon has had the opportunity to guide and assist many individuals and families through legal challenges after the death of a spouse or loved one, including probate and estate and trust administration.

Whether you have prepared estate planning documents with the help of Bordelon Law Firm P.L. or through another law firm, we can help you settle a family member's estate or administer their trust expeditiously and cost-effectively. Together, we can address creditor claims, will contests or other inheritance disputes with your best interests and the decedent's intent firmly in mind.

Get the direction and guidance you need to administer an estate or trust in Florida with the help of Bordelon Law Firm P.L.. From law offices in Gulf Breeze, the firm serves clients in the Pensacola metro area and throughout the state of Florida. Call 850-677-3303 or email us.


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